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Science Says Tap Experiences Over Things

Happiness is Best Found in Experiences, Over Things

Psychologists have proved the Greek philosophers were right all along. That new iPhone may provide instant gratification in the short-term but that happiness is more likely to decrease as the technology gets old in two months and the next iPhone comes out. The fact is experiences can create lasting memories, objects don't.

Say Hello to The Experience Economy

Yes, happiness can mean very different things to different people. No shocker there.

"We buy things to make us happy, and we succeed, but only for a while," Thomas Gilovich Professor of Psychology at Cornell University says.

A recent study found that 72 percent of millennials prefer to spend money on experiences rather than things. A poll by Harris Insights and Analytics conquered when they found that “a craving for recognition and a fear of missing out help drive millennials’ craving for experiences.” 69% of respondents said they believe attending live experiences helps them connect better with their friends, their community and people around the world.

30-somthing Female dj spinning records

"We call it hedonic adaptation,” says Colin Strong, the head of behavioural science at Ipsos, a market research group. "Posting pictures of what you just bought is gauche; posting pictures of something you’re doing is fine."

The Benefits of Experiences

  1. Experiences help define your purpose and passions

  2. Experiences introduce you to different perspectives and points-of-view

  3. Experiences teach you life lessons (aka wisdom)

  4. Experiences allow you to break routines and cultivate new beginnings

  5. Experiences help you appreciate and express gratitude

  6. Experiences can be unforgettable and provide you with life-long memories

  7. Experiences can be spiritual, emotional, and/or physical

  8. Experiences are more likely to be social

Don't Knock Blended Experiences

It is true that you can experience many things without spending a dime. But there is something to be said for empowering your experiences with the right tools, some of which may be material products or services, along with education so you don't go off and get yourself into trouble.

"There’s the idea of blending experiences and things,” Tom Hainlin, a global investment strategist with U.S. Bank’s Ascent Private Capital Management group says. "For example, taking a drive from Miami to Key West in a rented convertible, over your standard rental mid-size rental car, will most likely level-up your experience."

Now Is The Time

It is time to try new things! Whether you realize it or not, you spend the majority of your time doing the same things over and over again. Very rarely do you actually try new things for the purpose of engaging a unique experience.

Is today the day?

If you are in the pursuit of happiness and want to enjoy some of the benefits of new experiences, now is the time to make a personal commitment. Trying new things and engaging fresh experiences that reinvigorate your life with energy and excitement. This is why exists. We created for you to help you work less and live more.

Do some of our experiences include material items or services? Yes. But not all. We wanted to ensure we provided a wide-range of experiences that can be personalized for you.

You do you, we say.


Get To Know The Author

Tara O'Doherty I Tara O'Doherty is Co-Founder and CEO of voxie. Tara is a global award-winning strategist, marketer, designer, author, speaker and educator who lives in Toronto, Canada with her two fat dogs. She is best known for her SickKids VS digital work which resulted in numerous global awards and helped secure over 700 million dollars in donations for the hospital. She is also the former co-Founder and CPO of JADEO and x-VP of Experience Strategy at Cossette Communications.

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