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DIY: How to Make the Perfect Martini

Have you ever sat beside someone who really knows how to order a martini? Much like all things in this life, the perfect martini is specific to you. Voxie, takes you through the basics.

A lemon peel twist, dirty with olives?

Vodka or gin? Traditionally, gin is what you will get in a martini, so if you are not into pine, make sure to pony up with, vodka martini, a la Mr. 007.

Shaken or stirred? We have tried them both ways, you know, for research. We really like the shaken option as the ice fragments and provides ice shards that melt while you enjoy.

Dry or wet? This refers to the vermouth (a wine-based botanical) dry means, not too much...

Dirty? Well, we are not that kind of martini drinker! oh, wait, yes, we are. Dirty refers to you getting an olive (or pickle) brine infused cocktail. Le yum.

Dirty grey goose martini, straight up (which means shaken, and really well) with olives, if you please.


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